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Weapons are equipment that a player will equip to deal damage to the enemy players. There are many different types of weapons, some one-handed (which can be dual-wielded or with a shield) and others that are two-handed (slower moving but a more devastating hit). Dual-wielding one-handed weapons grants a 10% increase to damage and speed. Ranged weapons can also be picked up: weapons that are very good at finishing off a fleeing enemy or scouting ahead. Throwing weapons are weapons that are best thrown at short ranged distances. These weapons stack and are consumed on use.

One-Handed[edit | edit source]

Image Name Tier Type Description Speed Damage DPS
Wooden Bludgeon Superior Club An old bludgeon, not the best weapon, but better than your bare hands. 1.16 29 25
Worn Dagger Superior Dagger This dagger looks more useful in gardening than combat. 0.51 22 43
Stone Hammer Superior Heavy Hammer A stone hammer, probably used by the children of blacksmiths. 1.16 30 26
Plebian's Sickle Superior Battle Axe A small sickle, capable of harvesting crops, or limbs. 1.16 33 28
Dull Sword Superior Long Sword A dull sword with an even duller edge. 0.91 23 25
Worn Gladius Superior Short Sword A well used gladius, broken in from years of use. 0.91 24 26
Battle Axe Rare Battle Axe A stout axe that has taken many a limb. 1.04 35 34
Enhanced Dagger Rare Dagger A dagger built for quick killing. 0.51 26 51
Balanced War Hammer Rare Heavy Hammer A finely crafted hammer, evenly balanced for optimal bashing. 1.16 37 32
Mace Rare Light Mace A new mace, ready to be broken in. 1.16 36 31
Infantry Sword Rare Long Sword An infantry sword, well used in battle. 0.91 28 31
Balanced Gladius Rare Short Sword A sharp, fast gladius that will make short work of most enemies. 0.91 27 30
Fortified Battle Axe Epic Battle Axe A heavy battle axe, short and bloody. 1.04 39 38
Fortified Warblade Epic Broad Sword "Property of Achilles" 0.91 33 36
Jagged Dagger Epic Dagger A pristine dagger crafted from the finest materials. 0.51 30 59
Serrated Dagger Epic Dagger A meticulously crafted blade, both quick and deadly. 0.51 31 61
Fortified Hammer Epic Heavy Hammer A heavy hammer fortified for constant battle use. 1.16 41 35
Reinforced Morning Star Epic Mace A heavy deadly weapon known for getting stuck in foes. 1.16 41 35
Powerful Gladius Epic Short Sword "Property of Hector" 0.91 32 35
Hypnos' Stick of Braining God Heavy Mace Hypnos' weapon will put anyone to sleep, permanently. 1.16 52 45

Two-Handed[edit | edit source]

Image Name Tier Type Description Speed Damage DPS
Staff Superior Staff An old staff, most recently used as a walking stick. 1.06 28 26
Great Axe Rare Axe A great two handed axe sure to cleave any foe in its path. 1.48 42 28
Balanced Great Hammer Rare Mace A great hammer blessed by the acolytes of Zeus. 1.56 43 28
Spear Rare Staff A spear used by the hoplite infantry to imaple their foes. 1.06 33 31
Double Bladed Battle Axe Epic Axe A mighty axe capable of defeating the mightiest foe. 1.48 48 32
Powerful Scythe Epic Scythe Taken from the fields and improved significantly. 1.56 49 31
War Spear Epic Spear A fast spear that will take apart any opponent 1.33 46 35
Great Staff Epic Staff A large staff made of incredibly dense wood. 1.06 36 35
Fortified Great Sword Epic Sword A heavy great sword that will make quick work of the most armored enemy. 1.33 41 31
Pristine Great Sword Epic Sword A large sword with notches cared in the hilt. 1.33 42 32
Hephaestus' Song God Mace Forged by Hephaestus himeself, this weapon will make short work of any foe. 1.56 1.56 35
Athena's Skill Staff God Staff A staff rivalled by none in speed and finesse, used by Athena herself. 1.06 44 42

Shields[edit | edit source]

Image Name Tier Amount Blocked
Hoplite Shield Superior
Splintering Round Shield Superior
Commander's Shield Rare
Spartan Shield Rare
Coastal Defender Rare
General's Shield Epic
Shield of the Champion Epic
Brilliant Conquerer's Shield Epic
Wall of Defense God

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Image Name Tier Type Speed Damage DPS
Longbow Superior Great Bow 0.86 30 35
Steady Crossbow Superior Light Crossbow 0.73 25 34
Balanced Longbow Superior Longbow 0.86 29 34
Small Bow Superior ShortBow 0.86 28 33
Crossbow Rare Crossbow 0.73 29 40
Sturdy Longbow Rare Great Bow 0.86 34 40
Heavy Crossbow Epic Crossbow 0.73 33 45
Precision Longbow Epic Great Bow 0.86 39 45
Artemis' Bow of Bounty God Great Bow 0.86 46 53

Ammo[edit | edit source]

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Image Item Name Tier Stack Description
Arrow Common 5 Deal 100% damage of the bow/crossbow
Fire Arrow Rare 5 Deal 100% damage of the bow/crossbow and 50% of damage in a 2 meter AOE zone.
Ice Arrow Rare 5 Deal 70% damage of the bow/crossbow and slow enemies by 50% for 3 seconds.
Lightning Arrow Rare 5 Deal 50% damage of the bow/crossbow and 50% damage in a 3 meter AOE zone.

Thrown[edit | edit source]

Bolts[edit | edit source]

Image Item Name Tier Stack Description
Fire Bolt Epic 10 Deal 20 damage on impact and an additional 9 damage over 3 seconds.
Ice Bolt Epic 10 Deal 10 damage on impact and slows the target by 25% for 3 seconds.
Lightning Bolt Epic 10 Deals 15 damage on impact and knocks the target back.

Orbs[edit | edit source]

Image Item Name Tier # of Orbs Dropped Stack Description
Fire Orb Epic 1 30 Deals 27 damage upon explosion and an additional 15 damage per second

for 5 seconds to all targets within 2.5 meters.

Ice Orb Epic 2 30 Explodes and creates a 4-meter wide ice field. Slows all enemies by 50%

within the ice field for 3 seconds.

Lightning Orb Epic 3 30 Sticks to the target upon impact and causes a knockback to all targets

within 2.5 meters of the explosion.

Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Item Name Tier # of Weapons Dropped Weapon Damage Cast Time
Throwing Dagger Superior 3 25 0.2
Throwing Axe Rare 3 36 0.3
Javelin Epic 1 60 0.5