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Season 0 is the pre-Season challenges for the paid beta-testers in September 2018. Here, people who paid to beta-test the game gain exclusive items that can be obtained no where else in the game.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Level Season Pass Rewards Image
2 Dagger of Ferocity
Dagger of Ferocity.png
3 Cheer Emote
4 Vestment of Ares
5 Battle-Worn Armor
Battle-Worn Leg Armor.png
Battle-Worn Chestpiece.png
Battle-Worn Greaves.png
Battle-Worn Helm.png
6 Bracers of Ares
Bracers of Ares.png
7 Belt of Ares
Belt of Ares.png
8 Helm of Ares
Helm of Ares.png
9 Blazing War Hammer
Blazing War Hammer.png
10 Cape of Ares
Cape of Ares.png
12 Vestments of the Fallen
Vestments of the Fallen.png
Vestments of the Fallen - Legs.png
13 Facepalm Emote
Facepalm Emote.png
14 Whisperwind
Whisperwind Bow.png
15 Vestments of Zeus
Vestments of Zeus.png
Vestments of Zeus - Legs.png
16 Belt of Zeus
Belt of Zeus.png
17 Scarf of Zeus
Scarf of Zeus.png
18 Bracers of Zeus
Bracers of Zeus.png
19 Great Sword of Balance
Great Sword of Balance.png
20 Strategos Armor
Strategos Greaves.png
Strategos Leg Armor.png
Strategos Chestpiece.png
22 Wave Emote
25 Staff of the Victor
Staff of the Victor.png
27 Scarf of Athena

Sandals of Athena

Scarf of Athena.png
28 Helm of Athena
Helm of Athena.png
29 Belt of Athena
Belt of Athena.png
30 Athena's Crown of Victory
Athena's Crown of Victory.png
31 Swordbreaker
Swordbreaker Shield.png
32 Call Out Emote
35 Achilles Armor
Achilles Chestpiece.png
Achilles Helm.png
Achilles Leg Armor.png
Achilles Greaves.png
37 Vestments of Poseidon
Vestments of Poseidon - Legs.png
Vestments of Poseidon.png
38 Belt of Poseidon
39 Cowl of Poseidon
40 Gladiator's Sword
41 Horns of Hades
42 Vestments of Hades
43 Disappointed Emote
44 Zealot's Axe
45 Cape of Hades
46 Hades' Victory Crown
47 Bracers of Hades

Belt of Hades

Scarf of Hades

48 Cerberus Cloak
49 Banehollow Crossbow
50 Hades Armor