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This is a quick beginner's guide for Zeus' Battlegrounds. Zeus' Battlegrounds is a melee-based battle royale that offers fast game play and multiple metas that allow the player to pick and choose how they want to play.

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are 3 basic components in Zeus' Battlegrounds that the player has to be aware about: Armor, Weapons, and God Gifts. Taking advantage of each of these 3 areas will give every player a fighting chance to being declared worthy by Zeus!

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor is arguably the most important part of the game. Armor gives you damage reduction in specific areas of your character. There are 3 tiers: Common (green), Rare (blue), and Epic (purple). While Epic gives you the most damage reduction, it is better to have a Common piece of armor over nothing at all. For example, a Hoplite Chestpiece gives the player 40% damage reduction to the player's chest region. If a Staff (28 damage) hits you in your chest region without the chestpiece, you take 28 damage out of your 100 health. If you are wearing the chestpiece, you take 17 damage. If you are wearing a General's Chestpiece, you take 8 damage. Armor increases your chances to survive significantly, so make sure you are always picking up armor for loot spawns in buildings or in chests!

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons are how you hunt the other demigods. They are based on the same tier system as armor, as well as having many different types: One-handed, two-handed, ranged, shields, thrown, orbs, and bolts. Two-handed weapons hit harder, but are slower while one-handed weapons can be dual wielded and are considerably faster than two-handed weapons. Ranged weapons come in the forms of bows and crossbows, with many different arrows (ice, fire, lightning) that can be equipped to deal different effects. Thrown weapons are like ranged weapons, however they are limited to one use and can be consumed. Orbs are like grenades in more traditional battle royales but can have different effects besides just a wide AOE damage. Bolts are a cross between thrown and orbs: high rate of fire that place a debuff on your enemies. It's generally a good idea to have at least one of each in your inventory. Take note: you can only have 3 variations of the weapons above. Suggested compositions are listed below in the tips and tricks section.

God Gifts[edit | edit source]

God Gifts are what makes Zeus' Battlegrounds unique. Head over to one of the God Temples and click on the altar at the base of the statues. The God whose temple you have paid respects to will reward you with a gift: a devestating power that can be used to change the course of battle. Currently, there are 5 gifts: Ice Storm, Invisibility, Destruction, Lightning Bolt, and Banish. Each of these gifts (except Invisibility) has a skill shot mechanic that tests the skill of the player. If you land the gift just right, you might be able to inflict heavy damage on your opponent. Beware; when you access the altar at a temple the altar will send out a large crash of lightning, alerting any enemies nearby.

Consumables and Charms[edit | edit source]

While not one of the big 3, these items still have an impact on your gameplay. The only 3 consumables currently in the game are elixirs: healing, rejuvenation, and speed. Healing will give you back 40% health after a 4 second cast time, while rejuv will give you a heal over time effect for a minute after a 2 second cast time. Elixir of speed will increase your speed by 30% for 20 seconds in an instant cast (which is very helpful when you're running from the Wrath of Zeus!!). Charms are trinkets that you can ware to give you a base increase to stats or effect. Currently, the three charms give you either a 5% increase to damage, 10% increase to speed, or make your demigod completely silent to those around them.

Controls[edit | edit source]

The controls for the game are very basic: WASD to move around, left-mouse click for attacking (hold left click to aim), right-click to zoom in with a ranged weapon, and F to interact with items in the game. The number pad/number strip is default reserved for changing your weapons/switching to consumables. You can change any of these controls in the key-bind section of the options.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Make sure your demigod is completely armored!!
  • Drink an elixir of rejuvenation before an expected fight so that you are constantly gaining health during your fight!
  • Always have a ranged weapon on hand, even if it's just in your bags. It's helpful for scouting!
  • Keep an eye on your inventory - arrows are in stacks of 5 and it's easy to fill your bag with them.
  • If you see an epic piece of gear, pick it up and place it in your inventory (even if you already have that slot filled with an epic). This prevents your enemies from having that valued item and using it against you.
  • If you hear a loud crash or see a beam of gold light in the distance, that's a God Chest that has been sent down by Zeus. It contains highly sought after items that can greatly increase your chances in battle. But beware, there is a 10 second cast time that will allow your enemies to ambush you.
  • Some ideal weapon compositions:
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
2H Weapon Dual Wielded 1H Weapons Bow
Shield/1H 2H Weapon Bolts
DW 1H Weapons Shield/1H Bow
2H Weapon Bolts Bow
2H Weapon DW 1H Weapons Shield/1H

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